Dog owners are four times more likely to meet the recommended activity targets

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Dog house owners area unit fourfold additional doubtless to satisfy the suggested activity targets as a result of 'most get two.5 hours of exercise per week simply walking their pets'

Experts found dog house owners exercise additional even once they don't seem to be with their pets.
Nearly 9 out of ten of them get the suggested a hundred and fifty minutes per week.
Whereas this born to simply six out of ten among folks while not pooches.
One community above' exercise levels would be 'much lower' while not pet dogs.

The UK would be less active while not man's ally, analysis suggests.

Dog house owners are to found to be fourfold additional doubtless to satisfy weekly exercise targets than folks while not one.

Two-thirds of dog house owners manage to urge the suggested two-and-a-half hours of exercise weekly simply by walking their dog, a study found.

Almost 9 in ten folks with pooches meet the target overall - however, this drops to simply sixty percent among folks while not the pets.

Having a dog additionally makes folks additional doubtless to exercise additionally to walkies, with higher rates of joggers and runners among house owners.

Researchers from the University of city studied nearly 700 folks as well as dog house owners, folks while not dogs, and kids.

They found eighty seven.3 percent of individuals with dogs exercised for a hundred and fifty minutes per week – the NHS recommendation.

This compared to sixty two.7 percent of these while, not a canine pet.

Dog house owners walked additional often and for extended periods, and this activity was additionally to – not rather than – alternative exercise, the study found.

'Our findings offer support for the role of pet dogs in promoting and maintaining positive health behaviors like walking,' the researchers aforementioned.

'Without dogs, it's doubtless that population physical activity levels would be a lot of lower.'

UK pointers say adults ought to do a hundred and fifty minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity hebdomadally.

The researchers analyzed activity levels in an exceedingly community in west Cheshire, with the sample comprising 191 dog house owners, 455 folks while not a dog and forty-six youngsters.

Dog house owners walked with their pets for a median average of seven times and 220 minutes per week, the study found.

They were additional doubtless to report cardiopulmonary exercise or running while not their pet than non-dog house owners, however less doubtless to require half in yoga or pilates.

Almost simple fraction (64 percent) of dog house owners walked their pet for a minimum of a hundred and fifty minutes per week - more than the twenty-seven percent rumored in an exceedingly United States study.

The researchers counsel this because of the hotter United States climate, which suggests several pets area unit unbroken outside and self-exercise.

'Our pet dogs play a crucial role to keep the United States healthy and this could be recognized and expedited,' the researchers aforementioned.

'However, this could not be taken as a recommendation for folks to travel out and acquire a dog strictly for his or her profit.

'Dog welfare wants should be rigorously thought of.'

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