A Grown Woman Cried When She Was Handed A Stuffed Animal For A Beautiful Reason

The loss of a beloved pet can hurt almost as much as the loss of a friend or family member, mostly because that's exact what our pets are to us.

The vast majority of us shape enduring bonds with our pets and consider them to be something other than a puppy or feline, however rather as an individual from the family. They take our hearts and after that in a matter of seconds, they're no more. In the wake of losing a pet, it's normal to feel serious snapshots of anguish and wretchedness, and it's not unordinary for such a horrendous misfortune to trigger different feelings and long-overlooked recollections.

For 18-year-old Gabriella, the loss of her pooch, Jax, left a mammoth gap in her heart, however it's what her more youthful sister improved the situation her this past Christmas season that gave the young lady a reason shed a few tears (just this time, they were the glad kind).

Last year Gabriella was dealt a shocking blow when her canine companion Jax was laid to rest.

After a year of grieving and learning to move on from her loss, Gabriella's sister decided to surprise her with a gift she won't soon forget.

When the time came to unwrap the emotional surprise, Gabriella could barely tear through the puppy-print wrapping paper before becoming emotional.

After unwrapping the Build-a-Bear box inside, Gabriella can be seen bursting into tears before discovering that rather than a cuddly teddy bear, a stuffed dog resembling Jax was awaiting its new owner.

But the surprise didn't stop there. After pushing the pup's paw, it was revealed that a recording of Gabriella and Jax was built into the toy, allowing the young woman to hear her beloved dog whenever she misses him.

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